History - The Sceptres

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1959 – 1963
The early years.  Rock 'n' Roll was here to stay, and it seemed that every kid in High School wanted to start a band.  Bill Ott was no exception.  The Sceptres grew out of a basement band he started with a couple of friends that year.
1964 – 1965
Local band makes good.  By now the boys had all finished High School and starting to expand their horizons.  They were making a name for themselves in and around Montreal with a number of TV appearances and concerts, but if you were going anywhere, you needed a record.  That came in 1965
1966 – 1969
Going "Full Time".  That is the dream of every young musician - being able to make it music and quit your "day job".  For The Sceptres, that dream came true in 1967, and it was an experience none of them will ever forget.
The Sceptres on the Road
In the 60s if a band was going to make the big-time, it meant paying your dues in many small bars and night clubs.  As well, since The Sceptres were aiming at a teen audience, there were dances at schools, community organizations and teen-oriented night clubs.  We did them all.
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