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July 17,  2018
Meeting of the minds. Bill, Tim and Tyler had a reunion lunch at Chez Piggy's in Kingston, ON.

April 2018

Bill Ott recently put together a slide show with some band photos using "Walk Hand in Hand with Me" as a music track.  Looks great.
Click on the link to view it: Walk Hand in Hand with Me
December 2017

Recently, Montreal rock historian, Alex Taylor found a video of The Sceptres playing on a Montreal TV show called
Jeunesse Oblige.  The show aired during the summer of 1965.  I (Tim) reprocessed the audio and cleaned it up. It is now posted on YouTube.
Click on the link to view it:     Jeunesse Oblige
June 2016 - The Montreal Royals
A recent meeting of our group of eminent Montreal Rock and Roll musicians, so named by Allan Nicholls.

Standing L-R: Al Birmingham (The Haunted), Allan Nicholls (JB and the Playboys), Bob Burgess (The Haunted)
Seated : Bernie Perusse - journalist, Tim Hewlings (The Sceptres), Bill Hill (JB and the Playboys), Gary Moffet (April Wine)
July 2015 - Friesen Press
… the [Ottawa] Parks & Recreation Coordinator …. gave me full reins and supported me in almost any suggestion I made to create a unique atmosphere for teenagers.  Together we developed the idea of a night club and decided to call it 'The Establishment'….. At the peak of our popularity, we had major groups from Pittsburg, …..a vocal trio featuring three beautiful, talented singers called "The Willows" from a Toronto CBC-TV show and a band from Montreal called The Sceptres with a lead singer who sounded like the popular U.S. group, Jay and the Americans.”  Ron Lawruk: Out of the Shadows: The Life of a CSE Canadian Intelligence Officer
June 2014 - CD available on line
"Long Lost Hits and Rarities" now available online at, Ebay, and Pacemaker
May 2014 - Album Released
The NEW Sceptres  CD - “Long Lost Hits and Rarities”  was released on May 13, 2014.

October 2013 - Sceptres sign with Pacemaker Entertainment
We are happy to announce that the Sceptres have joined Pacemaker Entertainment Ltd. to press and distribute a compilation of our greatest hits. Stay tuned for further news, including release dates and purchasing information!
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